How important is being strong and fit? It’s critical. It helps with posture, with the ability to walk, climb stairs, carry groceries, gardening, you name it … fitness helps. I’m not even talking about being competition ready. I’m talking about everyday life. I’ve noticed a big difference even in walking and gardening. And of course sex is a WHOLE lot easier and WAY more fun when you have some level of fitness. It’s not just cardiovascular for the guy that’s necessary. It’s the whole package for both parties. Trust me … sex is so much better when you are somewhat fit.

Many years ago, before I got married, I actually briefly contemplated a breast reduction. I mentioned it to my chiropractor who simply said “don’t do it … get back to your workouts” and I complied. My main reason for not going through with the surgery … I carry all my excess weight in out front. Boobs and belly. So my theory was if I reduced the boobs, the belly would be more noticable. So I changed my diet and started working out again.

I am very big busted … shocking I know … and yet I have no back, shoulder or neck pain as a result. Why you might ask? Because I keep my pectoral and back muscles strong. When the large muscle groups of your upper body are strong, and you’re wearing an appropriate bra, there should be no pain. Notice I said “should”. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a reduction.

I have struggled with my weight and body image for most of my life. During the yo-yo dieting of my younger years, I rarely ever lost breast size. I’ve been big since I was 13. Then in 2012, I met a man who would drastically change my life. He was my massage therapist/health coach. He taught me what I should and shouldn’t eat and how I should be moving. I lost 60 pounds in a year and went from a 42HH to a 36DDD. That’s the smallest I had been in YEARS!! And even though the loss was gradual, I had some serious body image issues. My big chest had been what attracted people (so I thought). I was afraid I would “disappear” without them. But that’s a topic for another article. So how did I finally reduce my breast size? Weights.

I’m a huge advocate of weight training for women. Men are a little more likely to pick up a barbell or a couple of dumbells than women are but not always. Yes this is a generalization that thankfully isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. Here’s the problem. When women weight train, they tend to go for lighter weights, or they focus on their legs and butt. Men neglect those areas and focus on upper body. Either way, the body is out of balance.  I recommend hiring a qualified personal trainer, even if it’s for just a couple of sessions to figure out the best way to train for YOUR body.

EVERYBODY needs to train their upper and lower body, improve their cardiovascular output and work on their flexibility. It’s a package deal to achieving your optimal health and fitness. Oh … did I mention nutrition? Yeah … that’s a huge part of the package as well. A lot of the “experts” say it’s 20% workouts and 80% nutrition. Well … I’ve got news for them. That’s a generalization which may or may not be that accurate. I’ve talked to so many people (myself included … yes I do talk to myself … a LOT) who have said that the only way they can get the weight off is to do both … with a heavy emphasis on exercise. But everyone is different and sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure out what works best for YOU.

So what’s the moral of this story?

Everyone needs some level of fitness to live their sexiest, most vital life. It helps with endurance, flexibility and strength (guys … you need that to lift her up you know 😉 ). Your kids with thank you. Your vocation will thank you. Your partner will definitely thank you 😉 and mostly … your health with thank you.

I am no fitness expert … but I do know what’s important. And I’ve knuckled under, gotten more active and cleaned up my nutrition. Want to join me? You can contact me at

Have an awesome day!

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