When I first started working with my health coach several years ago, he encouraged me to start journaling.  My thoughts, my fears, my successes…anything that happened and how I felt about it.
I thought he was crazy.  What on earth could writing about what happened and how I felt about it do for me?  So I fought him for about a year.  I made every excuse in the book.  I’d write for a week every day, then I’d get bored, didn’t feel the benefit and I’d stop.  Then he’d remind me and I’d try it again.  This went on for months.
And then it clicked.  I finally got into the habit of writing every day and I loved it.  Some days were just an account of everything that happened that day…other days I dealt with some of my fears and frustrations…and I celebrated successes as well.  Most of all, I made progress in understanding what I was all about.
During our psychology of disease course at school, one of our assignments was to write regularly in our journal.  So I took that opportunity to tackle some major issues that I needed to deal with.  I dug a little deeper and discovered a lot about myself.  It was one of the best experiences of school, and of my transformation from who I was to who I am becoming.
While I don’t believe in living in…or reliving the past…I do believe it’s a good idea to look back once in a while to see what was, or wasn’t working at various times in our life.  It can help guide us when we fall off the wagon or when we are struggling to keep our head together.
Do you have to journal every day?  No.  Is it advisable to journal every day?  Yes.  It’s a habit like any other…the more you do it the more consistent you will be.  What happens if you slide and stop journaling for a week … a month … a year?  You pick up a pen and paper (or sit at your computer, your phone, whatever) and you write what’s on your mind…how you’re feeling, what your successes have been, what you’re struggling with.  Anything that will help you to get back on track.
Is it easy to journal every day?  For some people…yes.  For others…like myself…no.  But life is not particularly easy.  But it is totally worth it.
Happy writing!

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  1. Great post. I used to blog faithfully every day, and it helped unravel a lot about who I was. Then years later, I decided to peek back at the same date in a journal years earlier. It’s amazing what I had forgotten, but better than that was being able to see how much I had come, what prayers got answered (and what ones didn’t) and how the way thing turned out was the best path to who I am today. Do I journal today? Not so much. I know I should be for the reasons you mentioned are true – understanding what I was all about. BUT, there is a resistance I don’t understand. Maybe your blog post today will help me overcome that barrier and get my pen moving again.

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