I was on a serious spiralizing kick at one point. I spiralized everything I could get my hands on so of course my husband steered clear of the kitchen 😉

This particular dish was so fast to put together. It’s not a recipe quite as much as it’s an assembly.

So I cooked up some lean ground beef, took some leftover roasted vegetables that I had on hand and added to the beef.   Then I put some pasta sauce and spices in the pan then added the spiralized zucchini for just a few minutes.

That was it. Easy, peasy. Here’s the thing … healthy meals don’t need to take forever, cost a fortune or be bland and boring.

You can adapt this dish in so many ways. Change up the spices. Vary the roasted vegetables. Use different types of sauces and vary your meat. Try ground chicken or turkey or chunks of pre-cooked chicken. This is my absolute favourite way to cook!! You can have the same basic dish over and over without getting tired of it.

So there you have it. A sort of recipe. But it was so delish!!!



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