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10-Day Hormone Detox

A Hormone Detox you can complete in just 10 days?

Here’s how to end unhealthy cravings, jump start weight loss and discover the energy you’ve been missing…. all while being able to eat chocolate!!

Learn why you’re just 10 days away from a recharged, energized and sexier body!

Did you know that by not eating the right foods, you make it harder for your body to support itself and thrive?

This Hormone Detox can kick start your body back into balance.

Step Into Sexy

Do you want more energy, vitality and joy in your life?  Do you want to feel sexy and vibrant?  Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off without sacrificing your health or great tasting food? If so, allow me to introduce you to my revolutionary Step Into Sexy program! Ready to make some changes in your life? Let’s get going!

Does the word “diet” make you cringe? I know it does for me. Step Into Sexy is evolving the way people view weight loss. In fact, it is a revolutionary way to achieve weight loss while regaining your health and increasing your self-confidence.

Step Into Sexy will help you come to a point where you will be able to accept the invitation to any social event without a second thought or reservation.

This program is a chance for you to hit the reset button and eat your way to a healthier, happier and sexier you. You’re going to indulge in delicious whole foods, lose weight, look outstanding and regain your potentially misplaced confidence. No longer the wallflower, its times for you to shine!

Nutritional Deep Dive

If you are generally in good health but are confused by all the information about nutrition and just want to eat healthier, this session might be right for you.

With the help of technology I am able to provided consultations worldwide via Zoom, Facetime or telephone anywhere in Canada.

Live near Ajax, Ontario? We can meet at my home office or in a cozy cafe and in a setting that’s relaxed and comfortable for you.  Alternatively we can Zoom at a time that fits in with your schedule.

Get your Sexy Back

Has your sex drive taken a trip and won’t return?  Perhaps it’s your partner’s libido that has taken the trip.  Are your hormone levels balanced?  If not, your libido won’t be strong and healthy.
Is your sex life lackluster if it exists at all?  You know, same old, same old.  Do you want to get it back??  Do you want to become more adventurous?
If so, this package is right for you.


Top 12 Tips to Spice up your Sex Life.