Essential Oils to Improve your Sensual Life


Would you like to have an easy reference of essential oils for hormone balancing, libido boosting and sexual performance in one place?
Well you’ve found it!



Ladies … You know the feeling.  You’re tired and stressed out and you can’t sleep.  Your periods are seriously out of what.  You might have fibroids or endometriosis.  The hot flashes are driving you crazy and you have no idea why you’re biting everyone’s heads off.  Did someone say sex?  That might be the LAST thing on your mind.  And yet you feel guilty about it.  Perhaps even worry that your man will go elsewhere if you’re not giving him what he wants and needs … which is really intimacy with you, not sex with someone else.  We have oils for that.

Gentlemen … you’re not immune to hormonal imbalances.  Stress and diabetes are two of the biggest issues.  Perhaps you’ve had a time or two when your little man isn’t co-operating.  Maybe you couldn’t get hard, stay hard or perhaps you came too quickly.  That can affect a man.  You get all up in your head (the big one, not the little one) and then things continue to not work well.  There’s nothing physically wrong with you … just some performance anxiety.  And then there’s the issue of too little testosterone and/or too much estrogen.  And sometimes YOU don’t feel in the mood.  It happens.  We have oils for that.

Maybe your relationship is just fine and sex is okay but it could use a little boost.  As we get older, women can get a little drier and men can lose some of their hardness and their longevity.  There’s nothing to worry about.  We have oils for that.

I’ve compiled my favourite Young Living hormone balancing and sexual help oils into one convenient package.  There’s even a bonus webinar that goes with it.  I’ll send you the time and date for the webinar after you’ve purchased this book.   If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the book or the webinar, just email me.  I’m here to help.


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