1 cup of Almond Milk more or less
Big TBSP of Almond/Hazelnut Butter (this combo is AMAZING)
Medium Frozen Banana (doesn’t have to be frozen … I just prefer them that way)
Generous Handful of Fresh Frozen Berries
1 heaping TBSP Hemp/Chia/Flax Seed mix  or 1 tsp of each
Splash of pure maple syrup
Little splash of vanilla
1 TBSP raw cacao
Generous Handful of organic spinach
Throw it all together in a blender (high speed works best) until well combined.
This is pretty rich but it’s so yummy.  Great treat for a weekend smoothie.
If nuts are a problem, just omit the nut butter or use sunflower seed butter. You could also sub for another type of nut butter such as straight almond or cashew or even organic peanut butter.
I love this type of recipe.  You can adapt it to your own tastes and preferences.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. <3

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