Lately, I’ve become hooked on the above combination. Not entirely sure why, but they just taste so good together!!

I literally will stack a slice of English cucumber, half (or a whole) grape or cherry tomato and a little slice of goat cheese cheddar or mozzarella then pop them in my mouth. It’s the perfect time of year to add a basil leaf to the mix too!! It’s like Summer just burst in your mouth!   I’m growing English cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and basil so I’m really excited to do this from my own garden.

No goats though. Backyard isn’t big enough and I don’t have any grass for them to graze so I buy my cheese 😉

You can even drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over the stack. You can forego the cheese if you’re really strict about no cheese. I’m still working on that. I think I’m part mouse 🙂


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