This isn’t a recipe per se. More like an idea.

This may sound like an odd combination but I was looking for a snack the other night and wanted to keep it healthy so I figured I’d have some greek yogurt with dairy free mini chocolate chips, spicy pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes and goji berries. Then I thought, what the heck! Let’s throw some cashew butter in and see what happens!

It was so good!!!! Think of it as a very creamy chocolate and nut butter with some superfoods thrown in.

The best part is, you can customize this to your personal taste. Prefer almond? Go for it! Don’t like goji berries? Don’t add them. It’s totally up to you.

All I’m getting at, is sometimes the things you play around with can turn out amazing. I know I’ll be keeping this as a healthy snack option.

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