I’ve struggled with my weight and self confidence for a good portion of my life.  While in my early 20’s I discovered how strong and capable I was when I started training and dropped a lot of weight and changed my body.  And then life took a left turn and somewhere along the line I lost my way.  I was so busy looking after everyone else, I forgot to take care of myself.

In 2011 I was 46, fat, tired, unhappy with no sex drive.  All those things I didn’t want to be.  I met a man who helped me change my life.  I underwent a massive life transformation, completely changing the way I ate in order to balance my hormones, get my sex life back and finally get the weight off.  The effect on me was so profound that I knew it was my calling to help others take their health back.  So I went back to school at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto and received my designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP).

My focus is helping men and women boost their libido so they can enjoy a better sex life by balancing their hormones through the right nutrition.  I help people take their power back to live their best life on their terms.

When I’m not helping others be their best, you can find me gardening, dancing, reading, playing with my cats, socializing with friends or just hanging out with my amazing husband who picks up the slack when I’m building the business, and without whom I couldn’t do this.

Sandy O’Shea, CNP
Sex and Hormone Specialist)



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