I was so excited to get a new cookbook … Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy … who is one of our awesome graduates from Institute of Holistic Nutrition (where I spent the past 2 years).  I’ve been wanting to make almond milk from scratch for a long time but never had the proper equipment and for some reason it intimated me even though everyone said it was so easy.
I put some raw almonds in a bowl of filtered water last night and let them soak.  When I got up this morning one of the first things I did was drain and rinse the almonds then put them into the Blendtec (I am not affiliated with nor am I paid to promote Blendtec … I just love it) along with 4 cups of fresh filtered water, 2 Medjool dates, 1 tsp. of vanilla and blended them together.
The fun part was straining it.  I don’t have a nut bag (it’s on my list of things to get next week) so I used cheesecloth.  It was tricky but I did it.  Then I put the “pulp” of the almonds in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius and let it dry out for a while to make almond meal.
The almond milk turned out great except I did add a little maple syrup to the bottle to make it just a little sweeter!  Made tea latte with it … very yummy.
I tried a new breakfast … it was definitely treat material because I wouldn’t encourage anyone to eat like this every morning … Here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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