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While we do have a Privacy Policy it is important to realize that any personal information you voluntarily share on any of our forums or video-chat facilities is not covered by that policy. Any information you share with a broader audience is no longer private information and we are therefore under no obligation to protect it.

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Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy covers any information that can personally identify you (your name, your date of birth, your address/email address etc.). Any identifying information that you provide to us directly (this does not include anything you disclose within the public or member-only shared information aspects of our service – such as forums or video chats) will be protected using generally accepted industry standards for both transmission and storage.

We will be collecting your private information from time-to-time. That private information includes things like the contents of your intake form and any email correspondence that contains personal information. We only collect that information to allow us to provide the services we advertise and we protect it very carefully. The information is only used for the purpose of fulfilling our commitment to you. We sometimes strip the information of identifying marks to allow us to collect general data on the concerns that our clients have over time. When stripped of your personal details it would not be possible for the information to reveal who you are.

We will not share or sell any of this information to any third parties and the only people who will have access to it will be members of our team (contracted or employed). Of course if we are subpoenaed for it we may have to offer up what we have to a court of competent jurisdiction – once we are confident that the disclosure is appropriate.

It is worth remembering that transmission over the internet and electronic storage are never 100% safe and therefore while we commit to doing our best to protect your information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.